Amaia Scapes Bauan - AMENITIES

Amaia Scapes Bauan, a magnificent construction by Amaia Land is one of those residences that ensure to impart comforting services to its residents. They offer a whole lot of amenities as well as services. A well-trained management team is available to take care of these comforting services. Cleanliness of the property is majorly taken care of by the management team. Any inconvenience caused to any of the residents is immediately taken care of by the available staff which has been solely employed to take care of the residents. Let us take a brief look at them:-

1. A Guarded Entrance And Exit - Safety comes first for all the residents at Amaia Scapes Bauan. The entrance, as well as the exit of the property, is well guarded by trained and efficient security personnel. The security team makes sure of any of the entrant in the property. Hence, you can be assured of the safety of your family and belongings as the best are employed to ensure your safety at Amaia Scapes Bauan.

2. A Spine Road Lined By Lush Green Trees - Who doesn't wish to reside at a place that stays close to nature and greenery. At Amaia Scapes Bauan you get to experience extreme closeness to nature as there stays a road that is beautifully lined by lush green trees.

3. Lush Green Patios - Another addition to the magnificent surroundings of the property are the beautiful green patios which give you a strong reason to book a home right away. Your family and friends are going to love the greenery around.

4. Village Patios - A huge amount of space in invested in planting and nourishing green trees and bushes all around which makes Amaia Bauan an exceptional among the properties of the same kind in the market.

5. Basketball Playing Court - Playing is as important as work in our lives. Today when all the kids around are busy scrolling up and down the tablets and cell phones you get a brilliant chance at Amaia Scapes Bauan to offer a basketball court to your children to enjoy and learn the enthralling sport.

6. Swimming Pool - Hot and blazing summer days and nights call for a quick dip in a pool. Now you need not head off to any other club or location in order to swim in a pool. Amaia Scapes Bauan accommodates a giant swimming pool that one can use to swim and enjoy the coolness of the water under the open blue sky.

7. A Fenced Perimeter - A safe and secure fenced perimeter of the property keeps it protected as well as creates a boundary which lets the property stand out amongst all the other surroundings.

8. Water Tanks On Elevated Areas - Water is an essential part of our lives and unlike many other properties, Amaia Scapes Bauan offers a hassle free supply of water 24*7 making sure that its residents face no inconveniences no matter what. Highly elevated water tanks are placed in the property that imparts water supply all day long with full force.

  • Guarded and Entrance/Exit
  • Tree-lined Spine Road
  • Patio Greens
  • Village Patio
  • Basketball Court
  • Swimming Pool
  • Perimeter Fence
  • Elevated Water Tanks
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