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Amaia Scapes Bauan stands at the provincial road of Batangas which is one of the most important roads linking the area to many important roads and locations. This property is situated extremely close to Batangas City as well as the town of Bauan. It stretches over a huge expanse of area, i.e., 11.5 hectares full of beautiful homes and greenery. The property is well within a convenient reach of educational institutions, shopping malls, healthcare centers, public markets etc. where you would get a convenient supply of all the necessary daily essential items.

The Neighboring Locations Of Amaia Scapes Bauan

1. Public Market At Bauan - You can avail all the daily need necessary commodities right near your home at the public market situated at Bauan. No huge sum of time would be invested while getting all your necessary list items as the market offers you almost everything that one can ask for.

2. Citimart - A Citimart outlet is located nearby that offers all the necessary commodities to people under one roof. An easy and hassle free shopping center that gives you shopping experience with extreme ease. 

3. Municipal Hall At Bauan - A municipal hall is located right near the property at Bauan that takes care of the area in a well-versed manner. Any inconvenience that you face can be reported to the authority and you needn't move to any distant place to do so.

4. Doctors At Bauan - Several doctors are available extremely close to the property that can be availed in the emergent times. 

5. Theresa's College - The kids of your family would not have to go to distant places to avail knowledge as Amaia Scapes Bauan has a nearby located college namely Theresa's College. Hence, a lot of their time can be saved and invested in some productive outcome.

6. General Hospital At Bauan - A resident far away from a health care hospital can prove to be extremely regretful at times. But residing at Amaia Scapes Bauan you can keep your safety in your own hands. A general hospital is located at Bauan well within your reach in just a few minutes time.

7. The University of Batangas - The University of Batangas is just a few minutes away from this newly built resident. Offering education in a varied range of subjects this university is an extremely beneficial institution and the ones residing nearby have the advantage to save a hell lot of traveling time.

8. Port At Batangas - The popular port at Batangas makes the area a highly commercial one. This in turn even increases the resale value of your purchased property. Hence, as a result, in case you are hunting for a place to invest your hard earned money in then, this is the correct choice for you.

Key neighbouring locators :

  • Bauan Public Market
  • Citimart
  • Bauan Municipal Hall
  • Bauan Doctors
  • Bauan General Hospital
  • Theresa's College
  • University of Batangas
  • Batangas Port
Amaia Scapes Bauan Location

Situated along Bauan- Batangas Provincial Road, Amaia Scapes Bauan is an easy ride away from the Bauan town proper and Batangas City.

It is an expansive 11.5-hectare development that is accessible via Batangas City Exit of Startoll Way and is within reach of malls, public markets, schools and hospitals.

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